Made in Italy Certificated

An all-italian passion

ARDO, a product conceived, designed and built entirely in Italy.

ARDO, with the strength of its Italian-made values, assures a high-quality, high-tech, convenient product, which also contributes to any interior design scheme in sophisticated, tasteful, elegant style.

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Innovation Perfection
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At ARDO, meticulous research and development work originates innovative, reliable appliances that use state-of-the-art technologies, choice raw materials and rigorously tried and tested components.

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Customised Tailor-made for you

ARDO creates products tailored to fit the real needs of the home environment, building appliances that meet the demands of everyday life and come up to the consumer's expectations.

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Eco-sustainability Eco-sustainable technology

ARDO's constant commitment to improving quality of life is reflected in the design of solutions that minimise energy, water and detergent consumption, with the highest degree of environmental protection.

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