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Front-loading Washing Machines
Free installation 55FL108MWXL

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Technical Specification

  • Energetic classA+++
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)59.5x85x55 cm
  • Load capacity8 kg
  • Centrifugal velocity1000 giri/min.

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The entire cabinet is immersed in a cataphoresis bath to give the steel exceptionally high corrosion resistance: the treatment deposits a coating of epoxy resin on the surface of the cabinet, for not only outstanding protection against chemicals but also improved bonding of the liquid finishing coatings. The cabinet's special panel construction improves the washing machine's stability at high spin speeds, considerably reducing both noise and vibrations, for a lifetime of over 10,000 working hours.
Antifoam Control
A sensor inside the drum monitors the foam level and reduces it if it becomes too high. The Easy Logic system is automatically tripped to intensify the rinse cycles and ensure the removal of all detergent residues.
180° door opening
The door is opened by an integral retracting handle. The door's asymmetrical shape is designed to push laundry gently towards the middle at every rotation of the drum. 180° door opening ensures unbeatable convenience by simplifying drum loading and unloading.


L’unica del mercato con tecnologia meccanica in classe energetica A+++

Washing programs


Adjustable Spin

You can adjust the spin speed to suit your needs and preferences.


Washing different coloured garments together is not a problem. With this program, at just 30°C, your coloured garments no longer run the risk of staining.




A program that washes woollen garments gently to maintain their original softness and consistency.


The special 20° Mixed program allows you to wash fabrics of different kinds (cotton, synthetics, blends) with perfect results every time.

Super rinse

The Super Rinse option eliminates detergent and additive residues which may cause allergic reactions or leave smears on dark fabrics.

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