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Chefline Frigorifero monoporta
Recessed 6BICLLA352DTN

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Technical Specification

  • Energetic classA++
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)60x185x58 cm
  • Volume352 Lt.

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Blast chilling

Quando si introduce nel frigorifero la spesa settimanale, o quando la porta rimane aperta a lungo, la funzione di Raffreddamento Rapido riporta velocemente la temperatura all’interno del vano frigorifero a quella originariamente impostata.

Tempered glass shelves

The tempered glass shelves and their mounts are designed to guarantee the highest level of safety and to support a weight of up to 50 kg.

Elegant, thanks to their removable chromed trim, they are practical, functional and dishwasher-friendly.

Bottle Rack
The elegant stainless steel bottle rack allows bottles and cans to be stored without taking up space in the door liner. The bottle rack can also be inclined to accommodate open bottles.
Automatic defrosting
The Defrosting System starts up automatically at regular intervals, preventing frost and ice formation on the walls of the refrigerator. The water produced by defrosting is drained into a bowl above the compressor, where it then evaporates.
Crisper box
The Crisper Box is a very roomy drawer specifically for storing fruit and vegetables; it conserves foods' freshness and nutrients for a long time by maintaining the correct humidity and temperature levels.
Chiller box

Available in the No Frost models, this special box with controlled temperature around 0°C provides the ideal conditions for storing fresh foods such as meat, fish, shellfish and fresh pasta.

The temperature is kept constant between 0° and 4°C by the Multilevel cooling system. Foods are conserved for longer, with all their aroma, fragrance and flavour intact.

The box has a flap opening for a better view of foods and is also removable for easier filling.

Touch LCD Display

The large Touch LCD display allows all refrigerator functions to be controlled by just lightly touching the controls with a fingertip. The touch display is used to set the exact temperature inside the fridge and freezer and activate the blast chilling or holiday function.

What's more, the self-diagnosis function will sound a beeper to alert you in the event of a malfunction or if the door is left open.

Holiday Function

The Holiday Function, included on all models with Touch LCD display, activates the energy saving mode and ensures an optimal temperature if you are away for a long time, or use of the appliance is low. By automatically setting the refrigerator section temperature at +5°C and freezer section temperature at -18°C, it guarantees correct food conservation with a significant electricity saving.

Led lighting

The LED lights provide perfect illumination, underlining the elegant, bright, roomy interiors.

What's more, cold LED lights reduce energy consumption and have a longer working life.


L’intero mobile è sottoposto ad un bagno di cataforesi che conferisce all’acciaio una elevatissima resistenza alla corrosione: il trattamento deposita sulle superfici del mobile uno strato di resina epossidica che, oltre ad assicurare un’elevata protezione nei confronti degli agenti chimici, permette una migliore adesione delle vernici liquide di finitura.

Antibacterial system

L’innovativo filtro, realizzato con una speciale fibra a carboni attivi, purifica l’aria all’interno del vano frigorifero, eliminando i cattivi odori ed evitando la proliferazione di batteri. Il filtro si rigenera lavandolo semplicemente con acqua.

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